Gaming with a Hearing disability

Hi, as a person who suffers from a hearing disability I cannot effectively play half the characters roles because I cannot hear the audio queues.

My play group always has to take roles which allow for effectively removing specials at range.
Limiting their choices.

Is there a sanctioned mod which will assist me in seeing what type of special has spawned so I can prepare myself. And maybe somean indication of direction.

I don’t want the thing to be highlighted or make it easy to find just allow to play with the same advantages the players with access this information via the audio queues.

I mostly don’t worry about hits from the back because my team knows my hardship and look after my back. And I always move around constantly blocking and run natural bond to counteract the small hits.


I think there are mods, but not sanctioned ones unfortunately. Here’s the last thread I saw raising the same issues just as an FYI and in case it has some useful info in it for you:

I really really wish this game did better with accessibility options. It’s a crying shame but I’ve never seen FS indicate this is even so much as on the backburner.