Thank you Fatshark Support team

I want to thank Julia from the FatShark Support team for reaching out to me in such a quick manner and helping fix my situation.

I woke up this morning and decided to check the Fatshark forums to notice that i wasn’t logged in. Tried logging in, making sure all my information was correct but nothing was working. Proceeded to make a new account and found out my email wasn’t available to use, but my username was, so proceeded with a alternate email and then realized that i had been IP Banned.

I won’t be going into the specifics of the previous stuff, and the TL;DR version is this. “human error” It happens. That’s okay. I made a support ticket, Went to mcdonalds and ordered me a mcgriddle. Came home, ate my breakfast WHICH WASN’T WHAT I ORDERED ruining my mood even further, And had already received a email from julia.

I got a reply in like… less than 2 hours, of the 24 hours response time that they ask for. And my situation was resolved. What other company actually listens to support tickets and fixes things in a timely manner. Fatshark gets A LOT of crap from alot of it’s players. But Julia really helped me and Made me think better of fatshark.

So ladies and gents, ToryGraceVT is back, but this time it’s ToryGraceV2 in honor of the 2nd iteration.


I’ve always found them quick to answer too.
More importantly, perhaps, I haven’t needed to contact them very often.
It’s the game fixes that take long, if ever, for FS to fix. :+1: