Terrifying Barrage Blessing

Issue Description:
Terrifying Barrage Blessing does not work as intended, you kill enemies that are close range, yet enemies does not get suppressed although you get the HUD display that yes the blessing did work, yet it did not work.

Video Description:
you can notice, i did insert a marker that shows its 5M away, therefore its less than the required range by 2 Meters , and yet still fail to suppress.

Steps to Reproduce:
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  1. Use any weapon with the Terrifying Barrage Blessing
  2. Kill Enemies that are close by you


Reproduction Rate:
Often (<75%)

Upload Supporting Evidence:

The suppression amount is based on how far the enemy is from the killed enemy. The flinch you see is perhaps 1-4 points of suppression being added and depending on the enemy you may need 10 before the enemy is actually suppressed. It’s a weak blessing that doesn’t do much at all unless you kill multiple enemies close to each other within a a few seconds. Even then arguably your weapon applies better suppression and faster, though they do stack.

For some weapons Terrifying barrage truly does not seem to work at all, however. Purgatus staff with barrage doesn’t add any suppression at all when the dot kills the target and as far as I can tell it also doesn’t when your direct damage does. Only if you poke the enemy with your staff special attack it works.

Thank you for the clarification.

But the Blessing do say “Suppress” which means they should fall under suppression, while using it, the devs need to revise the text or revise the ability for us to understand.

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