Temporary Health and Venting

Temporary health allows overchargeweapons to be spammed too much.
Seeing Ironbreaker being played like a ranged spec, just feels so very wrong. That is not what a tank should be able to do. Even with the trait to reduce heatgeneration, which is comparable to V1 traits, it should not be possible. That is a problem with Sienna, too.
Maybe there can be a specialization in the future for a Drakefire Bardin, but having the incredible tankyness and range is contradicting to the idea of having a tank in the first place. He is not exactly useful to the group by staying at range, but the ability to do so in the first place is what really should not exist.

Venting weapons should cost green health.

I am more or less maining Ironbreaker. I would like to see Huntsman and Ranger ultis buffed again. So, no this has nothing to do with blind hatred for ranged specs. Here is a screenshot to show how stupid overcharge weapons are, because everybody here loves screenshots. It shows how Sienna deals absurd amounts of damage to everything and bosses, not only swarms and how a tankclass can aparently be played exclusively as a ranged class, while still being the most tanky hero in the game. This is from Champion.

This is a good idea. I’d like to add that venting should also deal friendly fire damage to teammates who are too close.

Both suggestions here would make Sienna’s character so frustrating no one would ever choose her after level 25


I don’t see how that’s any different than it is right now.

I see you are continuing your one man war against ranged because evidently ranged having a place pees in your cheerios somehow. That being said, I agree the ranged spec being worse at ranged than the tank spec is silly and that Overheat venting via temp health may be slightly too effective atm.

Regarding venting with temporary health, there is another solution other than straight green health damage. You could always make venting do like 1.5 damage against temporary health. There is no issue with ranged overheat spec’d being viable, but perhaps it’s a bit too easy atm.


she -needs- to vent consistently.

Making venting take away green health makes Sienna useless, weaker, and suicide often.
And making venting hurt players nearby? what?

Do you not know this game is about huddling together? not even being more than 2 meters apart? No one would want to stand near Sienna.

These suggestions are absurd. Try playing Sienna on Champion with people who actually know how to play the game, then reconsider how inane this is.

"You could always make venting do like 1.5 damage against temporary health. "
That’s a far more reasonable and logical suggestion.

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I meant I don’t see how nobody choosing her after 25 would be any different than it is now. Also, venting should interrupt actions taken by teammates on top of dealing damage.

Clearly the folk you roll with aren’t choosing her third form.
Not to derail the topic, but after level 25 Pryo and her other form have no survivability. Only her 3rd form can keep up (and often excel) in Champion. 50% of all damage taken goes to Overcharge.
Play a bit more before making wild, biased, unfounded claims.

Battle wizard Sienna with almost max block reduction from items + passive? Sienna should also only be able to drain heat through venting.

What? Might as well give her ammo at that point…

oh it’s this guy again. he sees something he doesn’t like that doesn’t agree with his personal playstyle, he wants it nerfed/buffed. lol


I agree that temp hp venting is a little to strong and should be nerfed, however I disagree the the ONLY way she should be able to vent is through blocking.

This is an issue I only see in veteran. In champion and lord, you’re usually going after grims, and when you have two grims its safer to cling on to whatever health/temp health you have.


That’s right! After being so successful with a lot of my suggestions, i feel totally motivated to give more feedback. :slight_smile:

haha hey whatever makes you happy.

i tried out all the classes over the weekend, i have to say, bardin/kruber’s 2h hammer is one of my favourite weapons now. that thing is an absolute beast, i love bumping stormvermin on the head with it, and swiping hordes left and right watching them fly off

Sienna isn’t the problem, the dwarf with his guns is. Its really not fun playing as a melee class, having an elf and sienna along with him just makes things worse.

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