Technicus inconsistent Cooldown Reduction interactions

Technicus with Drakefire Pistols and Resourceful Sharpshooter works as intended, filling up the career skill bar for a fixed amount on crit. Axe and Shield with Resourceful Combatant however does nothing on crit and never fills up the skill bar. Cooldown Reduction on Trinket also does absolutely nothing. Did not test interactions with perks like “Inspire Action” from Foot Knight Kruber.

I see why this is a tricky thing about the Technicus, since his character concept throws the entire cooldown mechanic out of the window. However I neither believe it to be intended nor to be fair for the cooldown interactions to be inconsistent and mostly useless.

My personal two cents: Rebrand Cooldown Reduction as Career Skill Regeneration. This would make these interactions with the technicus’ skill bar alot more intuitive. Then either keep the flat boost from the resourceful traits or also rebrand them to boost skill regeneration.

From what I’ve heard the melee cdr trait is currently bugged and does not work for any career.
Also cdr on engineer should increase the amount of ability you gain so its not totally useless.

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