Te fuction = Gj Fatshark

Hello Fatshark,
I think it’s important that I express a job well done, since the usual are complaints about bugs and things we do not like.
The implementation of the new functions of the “T” key seems to me a great success and I am really surprised. Especially those referring to actions for the bots. Good job Fatshark, really, gj.
Only one suggestion xD; the time to keep the “T” pressed is, in my opinion, too short, the action panel is activated too quickly, often just by pressing the “T” repeatedly, could it be increased a little?


I heard there’s a setting in the options for controlling the delay, forgot to actually check though the past times I played.

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Yeah there are settings in the menu to extend the hold time required to pop up the social wheel :slight_smile:

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I’m gonna have to play with these. I’ve been noticing that I’m spouting out nonsense every now and then at the moment as I “ping-scan” for specials and stuff.

Also worth noting that I think it’s possible to separate “ping” from “call social wheel”. Probably the best way to go if you have spare keys.

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