Taking Steps Back from Vermintide 2

Now this is just a before launch beta, but seemingly as it is now 6 days until launch, there are a lot of glaring things that don’t seem to make sense, that I’m going to put bullet point by bullet point. This is just my opinion to the devs, I’m not really going to reply, I don’t really have time to keep track of this.

  • Why can’t you change characters in lobby?
    This was present in V2. It makes setting up a balanced party a hassle or impossible.

  • Why are all the character separated? No shared weapons or currency or loot.
    Spending hours and hours to gear characters is an easy way to get someone to lose interest in the product. I don’t want to have to spend 10 hours per character to get every character gear I like to have on them. Especially since the shop is RNG. It makes me disinterested in trying out other characters.

  • Who are these “Penance” challenges designed for?
    All of the challenges in V2 seemed doable alone. Even the extremely hard ones. Most of the Penances you have here seemed to have some sort of RNG sadism in mind, that we’d be able to achieve them in quick play. There is no way a team is going to wait for you to kill a Monstrosity alone for 5 minutes. You want us to take no melee damage with very likely groups of random people who pay no mind if you do or not? My friends don’t like these games, I’m playing this one alone, how am I supposed to get a group to selflessly queue up and do these? Beg on reddit? No one cares.

  • Is this game supposed to be a live service game?
    Why? Why go for the always online structure? There are many people who play games in many regions around the world who would like a game styled in this way that won’t be able to buy your product because of unstable internet. Live service seems like such a gimmicky, corporate scam for consumers. So many live service game have issues and recently have died so quickly without love to their product, franchise, and community. It feels like a stab in the back from Vermintide.


I’m inclined to agree. I really wish at least crafting supplies, coin and relics where shared amongst our characters.

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This is being SUPER generous, the average playtime for getting a single character to level 30 is about 30 hours, and gearing them out on top of that? With the RNG of the shop in place? With having the grind the weekly currencies on each character from scratch? I would argue the playtime required to gear them out in good orange quality gear (the standard endgame gear in vermintide) is probably close to 80 hours PER Character

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