'System' in chat says host has left the game, but they haven't; Host migration notification covers up end of match screens

Two issues:

  1. Chat message from ‘System’ says that ‘User has left the game’, however, that user is the host and I was able to continue and finish the game just fine. See attached screenshots and notice that the user who System says has left the game is also the host. He even picked up a grimoire after “leaving” the game.

  1. Once the match had been successfully finished (same match as above), I got a ‘host migration’ notification on top of the vault screen and then the stats screen. This covered up those screens not allowing me to see underneath the notification box. The ‘host migration’ notification box should probably show up after the stats screen or better, not show up at all as the match had been finished already. This is not the first time I’ve seen the bug I’ve described here in #2. I’ve seen it a a few times before patch 1.3.

Reproduction Rate (Choose One):
Once - Issue 1
Rare (< 10%) - Issue 2

Session Console Log:
console-2018-11-22-11.58.57-0686CB88-EB8A-40A9-97A6-B256 System chat says host has left game, host migration notif on end game screens.log (604.4 KB)

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