Sword and pistol option?

Screaming guard officer with sword in one hand and pistol in the other is an iconic 40k model and image. Will we ever get the chance to replicate it?

I can easily imagine it as left click shoot pistol, right click block, special lunge.

Bonus points if I can replicate my favorite model, power fist and laspistol guy


I want it too but it’s going to be weird control-wise since I’d want to have mostly full melee with the ranged as secondary. Melee uses 3 buttons (attack, block and special) and ranged uses 4 (fire, aim, reload, special)

If you use special attack to shoot you lose the melee special (though for the chainsword as it was in the beta isn’t much of a loss).
I’d definitely still want to melee attack like normal, so i don’t want to replace the push or push attack with pistol shot.

Neither the Space Marine (M1 melee, M2 shoot) or Remnant from the Ashes (M1 melee, M1+M2 ranged) control schemes work because Darktide’s melee is more complex. I use those two as examples because they have pretty smooth ranged + melee controls.

Maybe you can use the reload button to shoot? And that would simplify the pistol so that it doesn’t use ammo and you can’t aim it.


Yeah, from how there was that vid that confirmed 43 weapons, if you have a bunch of pistol + melee combinations, like:

  • Laspistol + Chainsword
  • Stubber revolver + Power sword
  • Bolt Pistol + Axe
  • Plasma Pistol + Power fist
  • Hellpistol + Sword

And then mix and match them, just from 5 of each ranged and melee you get 25 ‘weapons’. Add the Force sword and there’s another 5 combinations.

Why even include melee if you’re not going to use it . Left click melee like normal and right click to shoot as an alternative to blocking. Just dodge :slight_smile:

there leaks, about weapons who were datamined from the beta.

while the icons didn’t show a ranged weapon, there were weapons like rapier/Scimitar-esque shape,
who might be a direct insert from V2’s rapier.

A simple solution for this would be to allow the sword block/parry action when aiming a pistol. But not allow sword attacks. Swapping weapon hands for melee attacks, would be very quick and have a cool animation.

I really wanted this for the Psyker. It is iconic and would look & feel much cooler than just holding a pistol or sword alone.

If added to the game it will probably just be a clone of Saltzpyre’s Rapier/Pistol from Vermintide where it functions like a normal melee weapon - light attack, heavy attack, block - but the special attack is a snap shot with the pistol with high damage falloff.

It’d be pretty fun if you had an autopistol in your offhand and could hold weapon special to fire it full auto with horrendous recoil.

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I agree, it would be nice if you could use a sword normally and have a las pistol that fires using the special button, might be kind of inaccurate because of it being hipfired though.

I think the 1 handed sword that had the parry special could have an alternate version (since there’s different marks of weapons) with a las pistol special attack.

I think the obvious option would be to implement it with the special button switching instantly between pistol moveset and melee weapon moveset, but I also would have isolated pistols to a seperate, third slot since in 40k they shouldn’t really be able to compete with longarms of the same ‘class’ (ie a laspistol is flatly inferior to a lasgun in all regards except compactness and so on for bolt, plasma etc.). Unfortunately at this point it’s far too late to implement either of those before or even after launch as it’d be a comprehensive rework.

Really given how iconic the pistol in one hand, melee weapon in the other combo is for 40k I feel like if FS had it they’d probably have put it in the beta, best foot forwards and all, so I probably wouldn’t hold my breath for even a more basic implementation like Salty’s rapier on launch, though it’s not totally beyond the pale.