Swiftslaying, unlike other traits, doesn't give any visual feedback

Can we please get a visual cue for swiftslaying proc? Like other traits? Please fatshark, I lov u.


Buff indicator woud be nice


20% more Attackspeed , you notice that easily. I would more like to see that we get an indicator for who is talking.




yea this. it’s pretty obvious when your weapon starts swinging faster.

That depends on your class I would say.
As Slayer you…or I atleast don’t feel or see any difference.
Then again I have rolled attack speed all over.

Listen for the crit sound, it’s like a deep “boomf”, when you hear that…you proc’ed swift slaying.

It’s not about when I proc it, it’s about figuring out when it’s gonna end

Same could be said about other traits that proc on crit, however other give you buff indicator.

Are there any cues for Off-Balance? I know that the big dummy in front of me I just blocked will take extra damage, but being able to see how long that debuff lasts would be a nice QoL feature.

(Also a little off-topic, but do other players benefit from an enemy being debuffed by Off-Balance? This is more of why a way to see the debuff would be nice, so other players could take advantage of it. If they can, that is.)

V1 Off-Balance was the Effect shown on the Enemy, he would get red smoldered Eye´s and your Allies profit from it atleast thats the sense after all behind Off-Balance.

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