UI indicator for swift slaying

Hello everyone,

I love swift slaying. It’s a great time if ever there was one. Generally I can feel the difference while it’s active but it would be a HUGE quality of life improvement to see the buff and duration indicated in the UI buff and debuff panel. Swift slaying is an important part of my playstyle and one of my favorite parts of this game. Seeing when it’s actually active on the UI would increase my joy. Thank you.

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That’d be great. Actually, that are plenty of traits/talents/stuff that could use a better visual indicator. Heck, many of them don’t have any indication at all.

But that’s a QoL improvement. Since there are plenty of other bigger (and gamebreaking) stuff there are still waiting for a fix on Fatshark’s end, i doubt will see many of those any time soon. Thing’s here move on an rage-inducing slow pace. Stick around and you’ll see.

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