Surge Stuff Critical Bonus stat gives it melee Critical Chance

Critical Bonus stat on Surge Stuff gives it Primary and Secondary action melee Critical Chance.

How should it work? Is that an extra crit chance for those two special attacks? Or should it be a crit chance for primary and secondary ranged attacks?

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Yes, becasue u can melee with staff. U have 2 attacks, one Push and one Wide Swing on Weapon Special Attack. Its ment to give u some rom in front of enemy.

iMo i thin they both should be wide swings, but its okay.

Give space? Dude, did you ever use those attacks? They both hit only one target, they absolutely useless.

It’s definetly not okay. That’s why i’m asking.

Dude, you asked in this Topic why there is Crit chance on melee, NO?
Im giving you the Answer.

IF its Good or not is not the point ^^

They could be bette for sure i agree…