Stub Revolver - Critical bonus bar melee crit

Stub revolver critical bonus stat states it grants melee critical strike chance. Uncertain if this is a display issue or if it truly only applies to bash


This is a good question, something similar is in the critical bonus section of Psyker; Surge Force Staffs.

I did some testing in the Psykanium of both weapons. In all instances the increase was imperceptible, either being an increase in ratio to the weapons base crit chance or within a margin of error to simply not increasing crit chance at all. The first test I ran several hundred hits with a combat knife, its base crit chance appears to be roughly 20%, a snub revolver says it increases melee crit chance by roughly 20% within the rating I have it. In the subsequent few hundred strikes it crit roughly 24% which (if it increased at all and wasn’t simply happenstance) means the increased chance was against the base weapon so 0.20 (weapon crit) x 1.20 (Crit bonus increased crit chance) for a final crit chance of 24%.

I tested other weapons an similar inconclusive results occurred. All of which were within a margin of error that random chance could be in play as opposed to any actual increased crit chance. I would have to sit for hours doing thousands of hits for more accurate numbers and I’m really not interested in testing it that thoroughly. So far however it definitely doesn’t increase melee crit chance as much as the wording says in the few weapons I tested.

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Then the sentence needs to be fixed

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