+critical hit damage bonuses don't work on the zarona revolver

With full Damage and Penetration stat bars the revolver crits for 588 damage when used against flak armour. Rolling +8% critical hit damage does not modify this number. Furthermore the Critical Bonus bar seems to do nothing, it provides a bonus to crit damage against all armour types. But there is no difference between an 80% crit bonus revolver and a 50% or less crit bonus revolver, it still deals the unmodified base damage of 588.


are you aware that crits and weakspot hits are two entirely different mechanics?
gotta ask has been confused before.

Yeah I was, all testing was done by shooting targets in the chest.

The way the crit damage bonus is supposed to work is that it modifies the portion of bonus damage granted by the critical hit. So if you deal 100 damage normally and 150 damage on a crit, +8% critical hit damage would be 100 + (50*1.08) = 154 damage. But no amount of crit damage bonus from the item stat bar or a perk added on afterwards makes the damage needle budge at all. So something obviously isn’t working right.


have you tested with other weapons if the crit dmg modifier is universally broken or do you think its just that specific revolver?

I tested a columnus autogun just now. Base damage 82 and 180 crit on the stat sheet, actual damage in the simulator 90 and 198 crit. The reason the number is higher is because psykers get a +10% damage aura vs elites and specials.

I tried again with an almost identical autogun that also had +8% critical hit damage. Base damage against maniac is 81 and 179 for a crit. Actual damage in the test sim is 90 and 206.

Base crit damage is 180, plus 10% is 198, plus 8% critical hit damage is 205.2, if we assume there’s at least an extra .3 damage on the base number it would add up to 205.5 and thus round up to a display number of 206, which is exactly what we got on the second weapon with the crit damage perk.

So the damage bonus appears to be working for other weapons. The problem is most likely specific to the revolver since it has other known bugs such as the critical bonus bar stat giving a bonus to melee critical hit chance instead of ranged crit.

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