Suggestions for Failure Screens, Quick Play, Host Migration, and Hanging Mechanics

Between the Beta, the Closed Beta, and the Commercial Release, I’ve had about 60 hours in Vermintide 2, and I have a few thoughts about quality of life improvements:

  1. If we fail a mission, give us the option to retry that mission at the defeat screen (after XP is given); I actively dislike moving through several screens and a level just to retry. It make the team more likely to bail and it wastes everyone’s time.
  2. If quickplay is selected, ensure that the same map is never selected twice in a row. I may have had more anomalous experiences than others, and maybe the beta memory is in my head (where I once got the same map three times in a row), but I’ve had teams just disband because the same map came up twice in a row.
  3. If a host migration is triggered, give the party the XP associated with a failed mission. Now that we have to grind some for levels (previously, it was only items) having a game cut 15-20 minutes in because the host crashed, and not getting any XP for it – it’s frustrating in a way that makes me stop playing.
  4. If a player is left dangling, let them pull themselves up. I think making this a five second action (hold right click or something) that can be interrupted by any attack will accomplish everything you need it to. There is a wide variety of monsters that throw or push characters now, and there are a lot of maps with many little cliffs. In the previous game this wasn’t really a bother; now, it feels pretty common to lose a player or a match because of a “dangle” that no-one can get to. I understand this mechanic as a hold-over from Left4Dead, and I forgave this mechanic in Vermintide 1, but it is now it’s a source of frustration for me that doesn’t really seem rooted in realism.

I trust the power and trait systems will get improved with time, and they aren’t really sources of frustration for me. However, the problems I’ve listed above (with the possible exception of 4) strike me as defects in the game, each of which has made me stop playing at some point.


The fact that host migration resets the mission is so god damn infuriating.


I’m in North America. The power lines are above the ground, just like you might imagine one of the medieval villages in this game. We have Comcast, just like Adam and Eve. This means that sometimes you are having a very successful game and someone DC’s due to reasons beyond their control.

I’ve played this game for about four evenings and have twice had this happen. Starting at the beginning of the level is incredibly defeating and demotivating. I don’t play games to have those types of experiences, I’m sure many of you share the same opinion.

A checkpoint system would be acceptable. Competent host migration would be ideal. Hell, just call it a defeat and give me the defeat XP - what is the point of starting us at the beginning of the level when, groundbreaking and mindbending newsflash, we could just do that ourselves via the lobby area?

My time is limited. Stop wasting it, please.

I completely agree. These levels require a bit of a long time commitment in the first place, and the default assumption that I have the time or willingness to replay after a disruption is not always correct.

There’s also an inherent difficulty in trying to “forgive a game” and operates as something that is itself as “unforgiving”. I can only tolerate an unforgiving game that is 1) consistent, and 2) relatively error free.

Here’s hoping things get better after the patch.

Yep host leaving and the level restarting is very annoying plus the fact you have to wait until the level is reloaded before quitting with bots. Would prefer to go back to the castle if anything.

Absolutely!! This dangling game mechanic is the worst. Please FatShark it’s killing my friend’s interest in the game.

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That’s quite the necro, but we’re here now so…

It’s weird seeing these suggestions/issues highlighted near release that are just as present now with little to no itteration on the design in the past 3+ years.

  • Host migration is still horrible and worse than failing a mission in many (most?) ways.
  • Ledges (especially if you’re playing with bots) are even more of a common point of contention since chaos wastes got added. It’s always felt weird, as you watch all these enemies leaping up and over 20 foot walls, while our characters are trapped by a 2 foot drop.
  • Still forced to go back to the keep if you want to retry the mission you just failed, often having to reselect the difficulty (been smashing my face against cata duo with bots, it involve a lot ofa defeat screens).

I’ve no idea if quickplay still chains the same mission or not, I try to avoid quickplays.

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