[Suggestion] Separated Sound Scaling

With the majority of the game (weapon sounds, music, VC, etc.) at an optimal volume, I literally cannot hear the ‘radio transmission’ messages. Turning it up enough to hear those voicelines has everything else deafeningly loud.

Had thought there’d be more options for volume scaling so I could increase the radio voiceline volume without increasing other audio channels, but apparently not. Seems like it would make sense to have Master Volume, VC Volume, BGM Volume, Character Voice Volume, Radio Transmission Volume, Weapon Noise Volume, Character Vocalisation Volume, and probably a couple other things, all available to independantly modify. Especially with how quiet the Radio Transmission volume is compared to everything else.

Not gamebreaking, just annoying to choose between playing ‘deaf’ to one channel or playing at an ‘annoying the neighbours’ volume, so would be good to expand those options at some point.