Suggestion regarding the Psyker

Good time of day
Starting as a Psyker out of a desire to make him my main character, I had a variety of thoughts about his role and usefulness in the team in the process of leveling up and mastering various missions. However, lately I have been feeling the problem of this class coming not so much from talents or values, but from a set of weapons and the independence of the character.
To be more specific, I feel dependent on precise range weapons. A lot of the range weapons of this class have low range or accuracy. Therefore, when I put aside a revolver, a lasgun or my beloved Agripina, I encounter situations when it is not chaos patrols or spacials that become lethal for the team, but quite banal shooters dispersed over a myriad of covers and causing damage and confusion. The situation escalates when it comes to Staff weapons desiring the same resource as brain burst and power sword, which makes the already crisis moments turn into a roller coaster. I tried my best to fall in love with Trauma and Purgatus, but their voracity towards a class resource, combined with a slow and not too accurate attack that does not allow reliably and quickly “turning off” heads sticking out from the barricades, feels like they make me insultingly dependent on my team - both in terms of their gaming abilities, and in terms of banal mindfulness and busyness. And if in the case of the same Zealot or Ogrin, the problem may be solved due to a greater margin of survivalability and the existence of grenades and a gap-close, then the situation on the Psyker seems rather deplorable. In comparison with V2, without customizable bots and closed game-rooms, and the increased requirement for self-sufficiency of the character (dictated by the addition of many long-range enemies), all this seems somewhat unacceptable.
TL:DR as well as an option that seems to me to be a solution:
Allow the Psyker’s Brain Burst to transfer excess damage to the nearest target, with an average range (a distance approximately corresponding to two adjacent barricades). If a character leaning out of hiding, will be able to overcome 2-3 ordinary ranged enemies sitting in the distance with each use of his class ability, this will significantly reduce the pressure on the team, make the Psyker’s signature move more flexible and useful, its use on an ordinary opponent just for the sake of maintaining charges will not be so unpleasant (even if we will receive a charge only for the main target), and within the class, he will untie his hands for comfortable use of not such long-range and high-precision weapons in the ranged slot.
Thank you!