Psyker gameplay feedback


I’ve only played with the Psyker up until level 8 so far, but I have some feedback regarding how the combat works ‘‘unarmed’’ and armed with the staff.

1. Unarmed
When playing unarmed, you gain access to the very powerful headburst ability, it takes a long time to charge and it absolutely pelters you with Peril.
My feedback and suggestion for this ability, add the option to quickly fire a burst onto an enemy that does lower damage and builds less Peril per attack.
This would make it similar to how the staff works with a lower damage quick fire option or the much higher damaging charge explosion.

2. Staff
When using the staff you have two abilities, quick attack which does low damage but can fire in quick succession to make up for it, and a slow attack that deals massive damage.
My only gripe with this weapon and the reason behind me adding the weapon into my Psyker feedback post is because hitting anything at range with the staff is difficult to do due to the slow moving projectile.
My feedback and suggestion for the staff is one of two;
Option 1: add target tracking to the projectile, when firing at an enemy it will curve slightly if they start moving so you can hit them, this would make it easier to fire on the move as well. This would be balanced by not having it completely lock onto enemies and track them into oblivion but by applying the ability to curve just a little to prevent missing an enemy because they sidestepped to shoot a teammate at the last second.
Option 2: add the ability to lock onto an enemy when using the staff. Similar to how the Headburst ability works, this option would have you hold down the primary attack button of your chosen device to lock onto an enemy, when you have done so, releasing the button will fire a tracking projectile that can follow the enemy over longer distances, making it a mix between Option 1 and how the headburst ability works with the ability to still get enemies who moves behind cover.
I believe this would be balanced due to the fact that you need to hold down and release to fire a projectile, making the rate of fire slower than if you were to just spam the attack without any sort of ‘‘assist’’

That’s it, that’s my feedback so far for the Psyker class based on what I have experienced so far.
Feel free to let me know if this is something already implemented in the game through a weapon skill or similar, I haven’t delved too deep into that just yet.

Best regards,