Suggestion for BW Tranquility: Melee hits reduce Tranquility's cooldown

Pretty straightforward suggestion, but one I believe would go a long way to making BW the melee/caster hybrid it’s intended to be.

Specifically, while Tranquility is on cooldown, the BW’s melee hits (or kills, but I think hits is better as it gives the high-cleave low damage swords a place in the meta) reduce Tranquility’s cooldown timer.

For example, you cast a spell, then switch to melee and swing into a horde, hitting 4 enemies. The cooldown on Traquility is reduced by 4 seconds (1 second per hit). Another swing and tranquility is back up, and you can cast a super fast charging spell or take advantage of 100% block cost reduction, depending on your build.

Obviously the ‘1 second cooldown reduction per hit’ is just a shot in the dark from a balance perspective, but it demonstrates the core concept easily.

Tranquility has been one of the worst passives in the game since launch. Eight seconds is far to long to wait for a mediocre buff. It never even felt like a buff; it feels like a restraint on casting and a punishment for taking hits. If it was active 100% BW would still barely be competitive with other Sienna classes due to her equally underwhelming active ability.

With this change, the punishing cooldown will be reduced in a way that promotes melee aggression from players instead of a time of inactivity while holding block, waiting for the cooldown to end on its own.


I’d also love to see this change. I play quite a lot of BW and really enjoy it, but the tranquility passive always feels meh at best.

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