Suggestion & Discussion: Class improvement for more diversity

Here are my friend and my suggestion after reaching end game and finish a couple Damnation run - hope it make sense - these can be chang/add/replace current Iconic/Feat/Passive


  • Militarum combat training: Passively improve gun handling for all weapon (Mobility or stamina when using a gun/Reduce sway/…) - can replace the regen ammo after killing elite passive because it bloody useless.

  • Cool-headed: Immune to enemies suppression after a weak-spot hit during Volley Fire - can replace a feat or just straight up improve Volley Fire.

  • Inspiring figure: Veteran improve allies dmg in coherency after a weak spot kill, stack 5 times - can be a Feat

Other change: make the highlight effect of enemies during Volley Fire more pop out compare to the environment effect/ambient.


  • The Emperor protects: immune to AOE effect during and after Chastise the Wicked charge (like flamer’s flame) - can add this as a feat or improve the current charge

  • Zeal: enemy attack no longer pierce toughness, use in conjunct with Until Deatth

  • Unwavering tenacity: reduce melee “stun/stagger” after a melee kill - can add this as a feat or a passive

  • The Emperor’s guide: passively reduce Grimoire’s corruption


  • Can’t touch this: make Orgryn immune to Hound/Trapper frontal pin - or if you find this too strong - then make him auto escape Hound/Trapper pin after ~5 seconds - can be a feat

  • Protect the small 'un: allies immune to damage for 3 seconds after being ressurected by an Orgryn


  • Warp Shield: temporary create a barrier that block bullets and lasfire for 2 second when using Psykinetic’s Wrath

  • Extinguish: douse any flame/tox flame effect after using Psykinetic’s Wrath - don’t know why this ain’t a thing, fire effect are very annoying.