Suggestion Cosmetics and Immersion

Hi there ^^

I humbly suggest

Visual Legs and Lower Body
Would be neat to see the Legs and Lower Body of all the Characters.
Immersion would that much greater!

Heavy Breathing
After a set time fighting Hordes, the Character could actually Breath a bit heavier and at all… XD

Bardin IB Chainmail
Am i wrong or is the Chainmail on Bardin to short. I played a lot of TTWarhammer and of course my Fav. Dawis. It would be cool to see a longer Chainmail o Bardins Legs.

Bardin Hammerer Helmet
Like to see that

Kruber Death Head

Buyable Cosmetics BUT BEWARE
Cosmetics able to be bought Ingame WITH INGAME CURRENCY, aswell as fo real Money.

**That would be a WIN-WIN for both sides, Players and Developer!

Gamers which havent that much time and willing to spend real Money can do that do deck out their Characters. The rest can buy and earn Cosmetics ingame!

Flamberg Cosmetic for Two Hander

"Legendary" Floppy Hat
for everyone that plays TTW, the all loved Floppy Hat XD
no, their Great! i dont know why people hate them so much.
Kruber Mercenary could be a peerfect “Greatsword”

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