Suddenly Crashing and cannot re open game because of error

Hey everyone,

I recently bought the game but have not been able to play it properly or enjoy it. That is because after around 30-45 min of play i get kicked out into the desktop with no crash reports or anything. When i try to re open the game i am welcomed with an EasyAntiCheat error message 30005 (CreateFile failed 32).

Funnily enough restarting my PC also restarts this cycle. I manage to get into game only for a little while and then get kicked again suddenly, with no way to get back into the game. I have already managed to pass through a couple of other obstacles this game presented to me before this. One was that it got stuck at 99% download with some file being locked and couldn’t proceed without me rebooting windows in safe mode and finishing download. The other was another AntiCheat Error i passed through with a couple of commands.

I have already tried some solutions i found online to no avail.

-Reinstalled Anti Cheat for the game
-Removed EasyAntiCheat.sys from the SysWOW64 folder and restarted
-Verified Cache and Reinstalled the game
-Different options in game, mostly graphics and to check if it’s DX11 or DX12 issue

Here’s my last Log file. Hope it might help. console-2019-01-07-15.10.52-A886A350-C7DF-428A-B694-83B9.log (411.0 KB)

My rig’s main specs are GFX NVIDIA 1060 6gb, RAM 24 GB, CPU INTEL i5 6600K.

Anything else you might need please go ahead. I’m really hoping to finally get a solution for this. I’ve been struggling for a good while.

Kind Regards,
Panos L.

Hey Panos, please try running through the solutions listed on Easy Anti-Cheat’s website here:

If that’s unsuccessful, I’d recommend popping Easy Anti-Cheat a message directly. They’re very helpful and often quick at replying, and will be best suited to assist with your problem:

Thank you for your fast reply. I will try my luck there and hopefully find a solution.

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