Sudden EULA

What’s up with this? I’ve never had to agree to anything before playing before, now all of a sudden I’m greeted with a bunch of legalese saying I must abide by arbitration? Why is this suddenly here?

read the hotfix

Apparently it was always there, and all they changed is the formatting. I wonder if someone forgot to flesh out some legal protections from group legal action :wink:


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Hey :slight_smile: You definitely agreed to an EULA if you played before. This EULA is word for word the same but with additional line breaks.


Well only in US (which is where I suppose group legal action would be most likely.)

EULAs are not legally binding nor enforcable for most of the rest of the world. You can’t sign away rights the law gives you.

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Remind me again, is this game using that tencent anti cheat thing that basically farms the users data?