Subjective feedback

  • Colour palette during the missions makes it difficult sometimes to see the enemies. Everything either looks like it has been dunked into mud or vomit. There’s no colour balance. While I understand this might have been done on purpose, but it’s not a fun thing to experience during gameplay and it’s not really aesthetically pleasing, especially during that desert-kind of mission.

  • Special enemies when killed do not feel special. In VT2 you get portraits at least and you can actually hear a special enemy dying. Here you get a text notification and they die just like the common enemies. A bit boring. More flair would be interesting.

Also the way some of these enemies announce themselves - you can sometimes miss them with everything that is going on audio-wise: music, special effects, common enemies moaning. Visually the enemies blend in each other as well, so by the time you see a special approaching it might be too late.

  • Please add keyboard shortcuts for stuff like matchmaking, store etc. Like in VT2.

  • Enemies feel a bit like damage sponges, but I guess this will be negated as you progress your weapons. If not, then I feel like it’s something that should be looked into.

  • Audio for common enemies is too low or non-existent. Overall I feel like audio in VT2 performs much better in all aspects.

  • Melee feels… boring. You don’t feel the weight of the swings, especially when you’re playing as Oghryn and you have to actually look down to hit someone. What also ruins the experience is how enemies feel like damage sponges as mentioned above, however I’m waiting to see if better weapons will improve this situation so can’t say 100% yet.

All of this is just my subjective feedback from only 3 hours of gameplay as Oghryn, but just my 5 cents.

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