Stupid Weekly Contract

Which is the most silly weekly contract you don’t like?

I hate those “6 sub-mission in XXXXX missions”
I mean, I need to wait for:
i) the XXXXX mission actually have a sub-mission
ii) and that XXXXX mission is the right difficulty
iii) have a group of players who actually willing to do it
iv) actually be ABLE to complete the sub-mission, i.e. found all books
v) and weekly contract ACTUALLY track the progress
vi) and I need to do this 6 times

also the 25 scriptures contract is annoying as well, also fail to track progress, ESPECIALLY when we done the mission with 3 books…

25 missions with a level 30, when all you want to do is play Damnation.

You could just spend money to replace it.

Though i dont understand why you care about contracts anyway. Emperors gift is a better source for high powerlevel items.

There’s a ceiling on how many times you can replace a contract within the weekly ( I think it’s 5 ).

I believe it’s four, but I havent verified. I try to get the least bad ones I can and will suffer some crummy ones to avoid the 25 missions or six secondary ones.

Side note, someone in game said they got a 50 missions weekly. Has anyone else seen that one?

I saw someone say that on Steam forum, I assumed it was a joke or spanned over multiple characters.