Stuff, regarding enemy disablers

I believe that players should be given more options to deal with disablers. Consider the following, you are playing as handmaiden, your entire team was decimated by the ruthless skaven. You’re the last survivor of this brutal attack, you must take caution and make way to your allies; lest you suffer a tantalizing, and embarrassing loss. Quick, as you go, close to allies, you are. Your team is cheering you on, you feel that wondrous dopamine rush. As you get chased down by unsuspecting stranglers, you must make swift yet tactical decisions. To which you need to secure a necessary route, in which will bring you to your allies.

However, you hear the chattering of an assassin, the soft whispers of a leech. And before you know it, the adrenaline rush is cut short, by the deliberations of an uncompromising AI director.

Now think for a second, is such a cruel situation fair? In what way were you supposed to avoid said scenario? Sure you could have dodged the leech missile, but you would have fell head first to an assassin leap.

I think that players need a more versatile arsenal to deal with enemy disablers. Either by giving us weapon traits, that would seek out and eliminate said disablers. Or by buffing up hero talents, that would help us better respond and eliminate disablers.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree?

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Well your situation can be handled by a career that has high dodge range, weapon that can kill disablers reliably and/or dashes/invisibility like the shade for example. Sure these moments are hard to handle but that’s the punishment for being alone in a coop game. Not every career has/should have good ways to deal with specials.

Stuff I don’t like about disablers:
Packmaster’s reach with hook is a bit to high you have to dodge him sideways to assure not to be caught even when you have 100%+ dodge range weapon extended by the 20% talent you can’t dodge to the back reliably.
The assassin doesn’t properly crouch before he jumps and he doesn’t always track the hero he want’s to pounce at up to directly jumping backwards.

  • Dodging a packmaster is the most unreliable thing to do after avoiding an assa if you are alone. If you dont have enough space to be able to step towards the rat and dodge sideways immediately after you will get hooked. Yesterday i couldnt step forward bc of horde remains, and i was forced to only dodge sideways, with a HM(with extra dodge talent!, no dash…) and i got hooked. Seems if you cant close the distance its cone hit area is so retardedly big that if he starts the hooking from the usualy 3-4m its just impossible to dodge. Also they have barely have any sound if theres any mob making noise besides them.
  • Regarding assassins: 2 kinds exist- the “J_sat sindrome” ones that derp around the player and they are slower even while jumping than my dead grandma. They usually walk up to the player to get some cigarettes or whatever, giving you enough time to go to the fridge, grab a beer return and comfortably beat the living sh.t out of them. The other kind “railgun rats”- You usually hear their sound when they already tearing you a new a.shole. They are usually fly towards you from your blind spot, even if you play flo rida, at the speed of sound, only if they bother with it. Sometimes they just teleport behind you and your a.s.

Assassins seem far less consistent and too fast on the pounce compared to v1

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The section Stuff I don’t like about disablers is not in response to OP.
You can dodge a packmaster sideways every time the time frame is reasonable but backwards is unreliable even dough the hook closes well infront of your face.

A multiple specials situation is best handled my using invisibility if possible and then deal with most dangerous specials first (runner>hook/leech/stormer/globardier/gunner>flamer) while constantly dodging the rest.

First, i responded to you, then continued the discussion sharing my experience about disablers(in and out of clutch situations)
Theres quite some carrers that lack this skill (and dodge range), and if avoiding the sh.tstorm is already hard many times as elf, be it HM or shade, then this usually creates an impossible scenario to the majority of the carrers. Same with hookers. They need much more reliable sound cue(literally everything is better than the usual no sound), and a bit reduced range and area imo. Assa sound cues are also problematic. Usually looking at the announcing sounds direction is a ticket to being pounced from the opposite direction(where absolutely no sound is coming)

In regards to the situation above, think little of it; it was a mere hypothetical scenario. However, I think the point still stands, in that players should be given more options; to react to disablers.

You touched upon a very important issue, that I think, needs to addressed. Pack rats are, by design, problematic. Now this is a sticky situation, mainly cause we don’t know if this is how the devs intended for them to behave; e.g ability to pull players through hordes, ignore collision, and so on. Or if they are bugged and are not behaving as intended.

For now, until the devs give us a statement on this matter, I am going to assume that the pack rats are behaving as intended.

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actually you can dodge everything…

BUT you shouldn´t be forced to… your example is quite “bad”. It´s a coop-game, so what should already be a threat, if it would be more easy to deal with disablers?

Play as team, so noone would die, if everyone do the Job, the career is forced to and noone have to deal with disablers lonely then.

Btw Halberd and Spear even Outranges a hook rat… AND everyone can dodge them…

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Assassins are just as buged as everything else. Had assassins insta pounce after the jump, pounce from the fence, ponce while mid air, and most common bug - they don’t take time to prepare for pounce.


Also take a look at this topic.

Yes, I’m aware.

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