Stucked on a wall after a Fire Walk

Hi !

Sharing here a bug that occurred to me on 21th June 2021. I was playing the Battle Wizard ( Sienna Fuegonasus) and my group were at the mission where it ends on locking a door (needs the presence of the whole team) to open a new one that leads to the surface / to a cemetery (end of mission).

The bug occurred only once to me so far.

Context : One crew member and I were waiting for the 2 others to join us in the room so we could activate the lever to join the surface. We were naturally pushing back monsters, defending the door to be locked if the whole team was there.

The bug : Monsters kept coming and a Chaos Warrior was positionned exactly where the door would close if we activated the mechanism with the whole team (where the War Axe on the floor is in the screenshot). When he reached this exact place, I launched my career skill = Fire Walk (I was in front of him).
The skill launched properly but I immediatly found myself stucked on the left wall very close to the previously mentionned door (cf screenshots). At this point, i could fire with my primary and secondary weapon, I couldnt move at all and I could not use my Fire Walk while stucked even though my career skill bar was full and ready to be emptied. I tried to target a place that the game would allow me to dash in with the Fire Walk but no AOE targetting zone appeared at all when i maintained the F button.

So the only way I had to unstuck was to disconnect and join another game, I took a few screenshots of my surrounding while being stucked.

Cheers !

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