My whole team got stuck

Hello. I was playing on war camp today and my team was just about to fight the final boss. Our Saltzpyre jumped on the bench where all the healing items were and got stuck. I tried to push him out and got stuck in it as well. I think i just sort of walked at him and got myself stuck. Eventually, my whole team was stuck in the same spot.
We couldn’t get out and in the end our elf was the only one alive and left the match, hoping that maybe she would be unstuck if she was able to rejoin the server. Someone else joined though and was still stuck so they left too and we got a game over.

I have never encountered this bug myself before on this map, I’ve seen people get stuck in other maps like empire in flames though. Our Kerillian said that the bug was very old and you could get out of it by crouching and jumping but we had no success with that.

Here is a small video of it


Well that´s a spot best avoided O_O


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