Getting stuck (by firewalking and by enemies, e.g. suicide bombers)

  1. Here is me as Kruber, I cannot remember where anymore, but it was the bombers…

  1. This is a helpless dwarf, stuck by bombers, IIRC.

  1. Me as Sienna, firewalk at the Blightreaper exit (I think I reported this one earlier)

  1. Finally, I don’t have a screenshot for this one, but one of these days our Sienna got stuck in the Blood in the darkness by firewalking inside the chamber with the switch that ends the event. She was inside, but on top of the door frame (similar to #3). The switch was disabled while she was in that position.

First screenshot looks like it’s from Horn of Magnus

Yeah, I should have read the caption… I remember now, it is at the respawn point in the event plaza.

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