Stuck in loading loop

Issue Summary:
After trying to claim the weekly reward for “forbidden knowledge”
I got an error message to try again later so far so good but then it reloaded the keep

with the horn blow
and got stuck in a loop.

Had to quit the game via windows.
On next startup the weekly was claimed and I got the strongbox into my inventory.

Reproduction Rate:

Additional Information:
console-2018-09-12-18.29.37-65592ED7-5650-4241-B4B9-ECD2.log (372.5 KB)
DxDiag.txt (71.8 KB)

I’ve got this twice now, and my wife has got it once. We got it when we d/c’d during the end game score board. A message popped up quickly saying something about the game couldn’t connect to steam servers and check if we were still online.

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