Stronger or more varied Patrols

Needlessly belligerent, spelling errors, bad grammar and punctuation, calling somebody “fake news” unironically, apparently still driven by brainwashed hatred for a politician that hasn’t been relevant for 4 years… It’s quite clear you won’t add much value to any discussion here. So sod off and keep your inane ramblings to r/thedonald and let the adults talk here, will you? Normal non-crazy people aren’t impressed with numbnuts shouting “fAkE NEws!” and “hIlLArY!”.

On topic: I’m still not convinced ambushing a patrol is even a problem. You want to spend equipment and ults on them to take them out preemptively before the situation gets out of hand? Good play, has tradeoffs, tactical decision to do it or not. You don’t want to spend equipment and ults? Tradeoff is a fight with all the risks attached to that. All good as well, no need to change anything there. You want to do all that without needing to? Uh, sure, knock yourself out. Complete waste if you ask me, but it’s your game, right?

And I’m also not convinced pats are so much less dangerous than monsters. A triggered pat during a horde & with specials in play in an unfavorable spot is a game-ender. Sure, if you get them alone you can take them out without much trouble. But the same goes for a monster. The danger spectrums of a pat and a monster are not that much different. And even if there’s a discrepancy: The random spawning of enemies makes every run in this game differ in difficulty somewhat anyways. Having either a pat or a monster spawn is just another factor.


Don’t be a grammar Nazi it’s hard to text on this site, and don’t get triggered by obvious political troll. Attacking character instead of argument such a low punching adult must be hard to pick on kids from your high horse.

I count snip quoting to change original meaning as a lie call it something else if you wish the gist of the meaning remains the same.

It does look nice as if your making a valid point but so do all major news outlets.

Ah, off course, the good old “just a joke” when somebody calls you out. You were obviously “just trolling”. In fact, it’s clear that you are the a poor little victim here, mr. “YoU’Re FAke NewS!”. Of a mean big grammar nazi on a high horse, even! Also, I got “triggered”. And the reason you can’t spell properly is, obviously, the website’s fault. Come on, you might as well have blamed that on mainstream news outlets as well. Makes just as much sense, really.

Thanks for underlining my point better than I ever could. I’m only suprised I didn’t get called “beta cuck” and / or “shill” somewhere as well. Go back to whatever heavily moderated safe space you still have festering somewhere in a dank corner of the internet that hasn’t been banned yet. You’ll find your childish drivel doesn’t really hold up well with peole who are not indoctrinated in your ridiculous internet culture, regardless what your fragile ego and your fellow trashbags have convinced you of.

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Feel better? Guess your going to be struck with that taste for a while, have a good week.

And this, ladies and gentlemen, concludes the full extent of what such little pissers call an argument. First they spout inanities, then they retreat in a victim role when called out and dismiss everything as “just a joke” (because they know they can’t defend what they said), and when people aren’t buying it they try to loftily act as if the argument is over and their opponents are dismissed as if they are just irrationally angry or something.

Nice to have the likes of you around here. Really a great addition to the discussion. Super constructive.

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Let’s face it: patrols are janky and stupid. Just look at those CWs chihuahua-marching along when they think nobody’s looking XD
Their spawns are still bugged, they are practically deaf and blind for all practical purposes, so it is really hard to talk about balancing them in any way.
Composition is a nice choice though - CWs + maulers put so much more pressure on you than just CWs ever can.

I’d personally suggest making them actually see and hear stuff, but then they would just become unavoidable at all seeing how they like to spawn around the next corner.

So it’s basically a question of buggy and weak VS buggy and strong. Can’t really tell which is best to be honest.

Likewise, it’s more of a derail as you claim accomplishments when nothing’s changed. I make my jokes and you respond in paragraphs.

Sorry Mattie just milking for as much as I can get at this point.

Maybe Putin hacked his keyboard? ducks
Just my 2 Roubles :rofl:

Hello Miss Julia, as you can see an user made a faulty claim concerning one of my posts and from there it somehow escalated -_- I would ask you kindly to lock this thread as the suggestion in ist current form doesn’t seem to work out anyway.

I may come back to this topic at another point in time (probably more in line with the "packmaster patrols and more varied composition concept) and make another thread with blackjack and ……

Hm, maybe I’ll just skip the blackjack and the thread.


I would really like some changes to Skaven and Beastmen patrols. Even without using bombs, they are far too easy to deal. The Wargor at the front is easy to snipe and a Sienna with either a Flame Sword or Flail can lock down a significant portion of the patrol just by block cancelling heavy 1.

I believe variety and increased numbers are a possible solution. For beastmen I think more banners would be ideal, an additional 3(talking cata here) banners, 2 in the middle and 1 at the back. With 4 banners in a beastmen patrol, you’d think twice about aggroing that patrol when a horde could show up any second.

I like the idea of packmasters for Skaven patrols but adding 1 to the front won’t change anything, just an easy snipe. For cata, add 3 hooks and spread them out evenly from front to back. This would still mean that the hook at the front is an easy snipe but the other 2 are now inside a bunch of SVs, good luck sniping those. Monks would be an interesting addition as many people struggle with fighting them.

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Locking as requested! Be nice to one another.

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