Stripes in water @ Athel, disappearing & glitching gfx @ Bell

I have odd stripes in Athel Yenlui water, haven’t spotted them yet elsewhere, see screenshot.

Then in Screaming Bell I am losing graphics (plus some additional weird glitching) when standing at the location before climbing up the stairs that lead to the final event, at the location where a medpack usually spawns, looking towards the statue where a paint scrap spawn is. Also enemies disappear, even if they are right in front of me. Was very noticeable when backing away from a horde to take a shot on a pack master coming through - it too disappeared if I stood back enough. If I move forwards (toward the statue, away from the back wall behind) all gfx come back. Depending on exact spot & looking direction the gfx weirdness change.

I have a feeling that this has to do with resolution (and/or FOV) as my friends didn’t mention it happening.

I know this Bell & gfx bug has already been reported, but the resolution is something that was not mentioned previously, but looking at the screenshots it was also a wide one.

Resolution 3440x1440 (no supersampling or DSR)
FOV 90
low_res_transparency = true, mixed_resolution_rendering_size = [ 1920, 720 ]
AO enabled, ao_half_res = true, ao_high_quality = false, ao_secondary_enabled = true
SSR enabled, ssr_high_quality = false

The first screenshot from Bell should have enemies in it, for Kerillian I am not sure if she was in but perhaps not. And I don’t remember if I lost sight of teammates / their outlines at least, probably not.

Also, notice an enemy standing idle to the right and a bit behind of the statue. Visible / not visible is not at least directly linked to the surroundings at that location. The enemy disappears even though the surroundings are still drawn.

Screenshots, first is Athel and the stripes, rest from Bell:

I have noticed this as well sometimes, nearly always Maulers standing somewhere and then poff gone.

Running the game at 5120x1440p and 90 FOV (I think), so might be some widescreen issue with that, cant remember I had it on my old screen.

That’s a different bug, I think those instances is the enemy despawning / being reallocated to elsewhere for real, unlike in this specific case in Screaming Bell they just went invisible, not drawn, but able to attack. The marauder (?) behind the statue is just a good example, it comes and it goes, depending on where I stand, but in-game it is still there, no despawning in this case.

But yeah, what you describe is annoying and sometimes funny. Trying to get a snipe shot to clear some elites down range, and obviously just as you shoot pop it’s conveniently taken away by god himself, and then probably placed back when I have walked past it.

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