The Screaming Bell dash bug

10/10/2020. I encountered a bug on the map The Screaming Bell as the Zealot on legend difficulty. At the cart used to get to a grim next to the statue I dashed forwards (used my F) towards where the level progresses, and underneath the archway I appeared to get stuck under the floor in a small crevice. From this location I was unable to move more than wiggle mere inches and couldn’t jump, meaning I couldn’t escape from this location. I even tried using a bomb I had to attempt to displace me, and it failed. I additionally tried waiting for my F to come back off cooldown and used it again but didn’t move anywhere either, forcing us to abandon the run. The player I was playing with mentioned that he’d also seen a Handmaiden fall into this glitch, but I cannot verify his claims. I’ll try get some screencaps when I am able to reproduce this glitch.

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