Strange performance bug

Ever since the 2.1.0 beta, I’ve been experiencing an odd performance bug. Essentially, the longer I go through an adventure map, the worse my fps gets, similar to a memory leak. However, I’ve checked my RAM usage and there is no memory leak that I’m aware of.

In general, I’ll start a map getting 100+ fps just like I used to before 2.1.0, but the longer I spend in the map the lower my fps drops until it eventually reaches the 20-40 range. But, there are some exceptions: if I hit escape to bring up the basic options menu while this is happening, my fps will shoot back up from 40 to 100, but then go back down when I leave the menu. If I die, while spectating my fps also resets to normal, and may go back to normal for a while upon respawn as well. Returning to the keep after finishing a map resets everything as well, only for the same cycle to repeat when I start a new map.

I’ve tried all manner of graphics option combinations, and nothing seems to make a difference (for reference, I’m using a gtx 1080 gpu and an i7 7700k, with 16gb of ram). No one else in the group I regularly play with seems to have the issue, so I’m at a loss as to how to tackle this.

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You happen to be running any UI mods? Numerical UI or UI tweaks?

I had something similar happening just until a few days ago I disabled all UI mods. Problem solved for the most part.

Even if you don’t, what happens if just after first loading into your keep you press X to go 3rd person? My FPS jumped up dramatically (at the spawn in location 70 -> 130, when not looking toward Lohner 120 -> 150)

In your case, with disabling UI mods, it was probably the dps buff from UI tweaks, the temporary dps buff even more than the permanent one, tanks fps by as much as 50%.

I would appreciate it if you could add your report here:

Would also be keen to know if disabling your UI mods improves your situation (as mentioned by @munis above!).

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That’s the mystery, it wasn’t. That mistake I did a long time ago :wink:

Edit: to be clear, the FPS jump is as big as I said. Makes a bigger difference in lowish CPU load situations, less during hosting & horde .

I did keep the Loadout Manager UI mod and that too takes a good share of my FPS (around 20%). Opening the in-game default inventory, or just the basic HUD, or even mod options with F4, none of those do anything to my framerate.

Interesting, I never even thought this would be the culprit. I’ll try disabling these when I’m on next and report back.

Edit: For reference, my issue was 100% caused by temp health tracking using one of the UI mods. Not sure why this only started now, but I turned that option off any everything works great now.

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