Strange bug/fix on logging in today (?)

Ok so logged in today and was taken to the tutorial for some reason, after being prompted to choose my basic display settings - as if I had just installed the game. I watched kroober being transported in, my OS forced windowed mode for a notification - which crashed my game upon trying to full screen. On loading the game back up again I entered the keep as normal but my keybinds and graphics settings had reset but my characters remain intact.

The reason why I’m not sure if this was a bug or a fix or just a weird coincidence is because even though my settings are now capped out I don’t suffer from the FPS loss that I used to since all this has happened. I can enjoy shafts of light in their full glory. But also no patches were announced and I don’t remember any downloads … ?

I noticed Screenspace Reflections has now been separated from SSAO as well. Took me forever to determine that, as my visuals were totally fubar until I turned it off. On the plus side, SSAO can be set to extreme again without causing any ghosting.

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