Stop attacks when blocking with shield

Since currently each Hero must block the attacks, I believe that shield blockages should stop the enemy’s attack, preventing it from hitting your teammates who are unprotected. This would give the shield functionality and the logic to the role of tank which is useless to position itself in the front line blocking attacks, if they also impact their most delayed companions.

I think it is a very necessary and relatively simple change to apply. Take note Fatshark.


Doesn’t really matter, because you cannot hold aggro reliably to be a actual tank. Pushes aren’t enough, enemies re-target even if you’re in actual combat with them. To do that, shields would have to have a constant taunt effect like IB ult, otherwise enemies just clip through you and attack others nonetheless.


If that was easy to change to apply there would not be chaos warriors sliding with running attack through minibosses. Slot system is broken, whatever you do with game doesnt really matter much until slot aystem fixed

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The purpose of the shield is to shove spam and look like an idiot in front of your team mates.


The amount of times someone dodges out of an enemies attack so it just re-targets and hits an ally because … why not.

I could be wrong but I think it already works like this. I use shields a lot and sometimes I’ll hear a mauler or something THUNK against my shield while my teammates who are standing inside/right next to me take no damage from it.

As long as I’m holding block and standing closer to the enemy than you are, you should be perfectly safe unless I run out of stamina. But it’s hard to test this mechanic and figure out exactly how it works with attack animations vs player hitboxes.

I think its as long as they are targeting you. But if for some reason agro switches which kinda happens all the time then they can insta-change targets.

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