Still direly need the promised Solo Play mode!

Many reasons for different people, different playing conditions, different availability, etc.

One blatant example is that it’s impossible to run the new map with bots-only to enjoy the environment, discover it at my own pace, without bothering anyone and without being bothered.
I’ll even get a basic Solo Play with the placeholder bots. There’s sedition for that at this point.
At least it would allow checking the new map out. Testing a few things. Etc.
Ideally not suffering from latency and many other possible reasons.

I still run Quickplay missions 99% of the time but Solo Play should be an option (as announced prior to release).
I hope FS will consider it now that there’s new content, upcoming crossplay and a rather-stable platform/game (?).

Add your voice if you’re interested in Solo Play :wink:


7 month since we are asking to have news about solo mod and… nothing at all.
Fatshark don’t care about their players

They must be struggling with the bots too and it probably freezes part of the Solo Play development.

We still have placeholder bots that can’t be configured (subclass, equipment, possible behavior, priorities, etc.), can’t be controlled in any way (orders to hold position, pickup item, deploy, etc.), and can’t handle not crossing lines of fire very well…

That’s probably a lot to tackle and I keep wondering if they have a dedicated AI developer assigned to the task.
It was supposed to be almost there back in November 2022.

In the beta stage, there was a resounding demand from players for this feature, and its implementation became a pivotal factor in influencing the purchase decisions of certain players. The presence of this specific feature in the final product played a significant role in shaping their intention to make a purchase (mine included as I always have to deal with 120+ latency on average).

While I still enjoy the game greatly and prefer the experience of playing alongside fellow gamers, I can’t help but harbor a sense of betrayal due to feeling deceived :frowning:

I’m with you - I’d love to explore the lovely maps at my pace. And Solo mode was promised!

Their silence is annoying.

There was a glitch with the UI that let you open a private solo lobby. The day it was publicly known, aka all over reddit and the discord, it was patched.

Dont expect there to be a solo lobby any time soon.

That’s why, after 6 months, we don’t get solo.
Cause if they would introduce a sort of solo mod by allowing people to play alone as a private game, there would be complaints about not being able to choose the bot classes, not using other chars, etc.

Perso, I would like a solo mode… maybe with maps where they would remove the hacking phases, just to be able to test damnation alone (yeah…I know that is a little harsh :stuck_out_tongue: ).
The new map released in last patch is really good for a solo.
That’s why we also need a system to choose the mission we want and with the conditions we want.

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