Standardbearer for Skavens and Chaos

An easy way to add more variety to the game is add standardbearer for the other factions.

What do you think about this idea?

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The 3 factions don’t need to overlap their units any more than necessary. I’d rather have them add more unique units than reskinned ones.


Sorry but nope, one of those buggy and unfair unit is enough… moreover factions must remain diversified. BUT I would like to see that skaven standard carried by packmasters. Sometime they are totally invisible.

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or single slaverats during a horde. Would be a great visual for this war time!

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I don’t think that you add more variety if you give other factions the same unit. I would prefer if the factions actually feel more different from each other. That is why I like the Beastmen. Because they function as perfect supplement of the Skaven and Chaos enemy rooster. Every unit there brings something to the table which the other factions don’t have. You can really see how well thought-out and designed they are. And I’m glad FS so far has resisted giving them another kind of boring disabler. They get some help from other factions’ specials on Dark Omen but that is not a problem. They do not need to feel like another copy.

I would have prefered if FS had let the horde as strong as before but would have reduced the amount of spawning specials and elites while fighting it. This way we would have had s stark contrast between Beastmen and other factions. Can’t have everything. But yea, Beastmen are well designed make for a more complete enemy rooster without doing the design mistake of “copying” special units found in Skaven and Chaos.


In fact, that will lessen the variety cause all factions will have standardbearers?

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Nice idea, but looking at what problems FS has with what is already there, I do not think that something similar would appear in the game at all.

It’s a nifty idea, but I’d not take the Special Unit “Standard-Bearer” and give him to other factions. I think that functionality and unwieldiness of combat is meant to belong to the Beastmen; by only giving it to them, it makes them require us to use a different style of combat to succeed (which, IMO, is my favorite part of having multiple factions).

It could be a cool cosmetic boost for certain Storm-Vermin to bear a flag on their back to represent their clan or for a Nordling to carry a pike with a skull on it or something, but nothing that could be confused with the unique (and quite impressive) banner that the Standard-Bearers carry.

All personal opinion, of course :slight_smile:


I like this idea but it would highlight just how barren a race the beast men are mechanically.

Everything that defines them as different to the other races is also looked at as cheese strats to ruin runs. Massive range from outside of player information. I’e you can be killed by things you can neither hear nor see. Only the banner is interesting unique and good imho and to give it to the other reaces makes beast men that much worse.

Though could be solved by just not implementing beastmen so poorly, or implementing a more interesting race like Orcs or Undead. Though if you were to take only 4 concepts from those armies you’d get an equally poor implementation I suppose.

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