Standard bearers huge flaw with hordes

From what I know standard bearers count as specials but spawn with their own mini horde/roaming party all the time.
That is a problem though. Due to them counting as specials and just increasing intensity/threat they affect the horde timer only marginally. This often leads to standard bearers (usually 3 in short intervals) spawning and shortly after (or with the last 1-2 standards) a horde. While that totally makes sense from an atmosphere perspective it leads to huge difficulty spikes.
For me its just not fun to have to fend of 3 standards after each other and knowing that Ill usually get a horde with the last standard bearer making the difficulty so inconsistent. Dependant on terrain this can lead to huge hits on pace or near auto wipes.
While the idea is fine in itself it just happens to often.
Why not make horde + standard bearer a beastmen horde type that can spawn with a low percentage instead of them counting as specials?
Or if they stay the same reduce the party they spawn with or add a small delay to horde timer once they spawn.

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This has led me and friends to blacklist Dark Omens map; whenever we get it from Quick Play, we ALT+F4 out of the game and back in (to the detriment to anyone jumping into our server). Otherwise by the end of mission, we get multiple banner hordes during a Monster boss and auto wipe on Veteran, at approximately 450 Hero Power, because FPS drops below 20 (and attack speed with it).

If the above is not solved, I would like a blacklist feature so players can nominate a list of three or so maps to never pick during Quick Play, with other players voting yes/no on it or nominating a different list instead, before starting Quick Play. Being able to see the mission that Quick Play has selected BEFORE entering the teleporter would be nice also, to cancel and restart Quick Play.

Standard Bearers always spawn with 4 Gor and 2 Ungor. Similar to other specials, the chance of that special spawning is moderately random. Certain maps(like Dark Omens) are going to see an increase in certain specials though, such as Standard Bearers. It also can be affected by population type. So a map that populates with no beastmen is unlikely to spawn Standard Bearers.

I know what you mean about them though. Sometimes you just get one or two earlier on. Sometimes it chains them together through a horde event and it can be brutal. Even worse on tight maps like Hunger in the Dark where it can be nearly impossible to reach a banner through a thick horde in those tight tunnels(depending on who you’re playing).

I think OP complains (roghtfly) about a performance issue - it’s super hard to fight when the game turns into a slideshow. Generslly I had to seriously tone down the visuals since 2.0, I have quite bad hardware(1050Ti), but it’s not like Vermintide has some super-fine graphics either.
Anywah, banner boi indeed seems to be the worst offender against performance - planting the banner = fps plummets headfirst.

Its not a performance issue. I learned to play with my fps.
And youre gpu isnt that important in vermintide. Its CPU reliant not gpu.

Learn to play with fps drops? Are you trolling, or delusional? Seriously, with constant fps changes it’s impossible to perform optimally, it has a huge impact no matter how hard you’re trying to compensate. DPS drops hard, shooting fast moving specials gets hardly possible, you have tp be develop 2 different playstyles, which means, you’ll never be as good as if you were just mastering the optimal one, instead of working hard to learn to survive at 20fps.
I’ll admit - on legend, when fps drop hard, my performance suffers. If I’m IB - I can cope with ot. If not - I’m not helping my team the way I should. So it’s absolutely normal that people wipe because of fps drops, and there is no fun in playing handicapped and “learning” to play handicapped is exact opposite of what people should be doing - the banner fps drops are a big issue and they should be fixed, not playstyles.

Ive got a somewhat constant fps of around 50 for the most part. So yeah its not fps drops for the most part that im concerned about.

What I wanted to discuss here arent some performance issues. Those are there but not my target here. I wanted to point an what is imo a design flaw of standard bearers.

Standard should be possible to destroy with ranged attacks, it is equivalent of special unit for beastman, and there is no specials that powerfull. Also, it should not be possible for standard bearers to place standard out of players sight. On some maps it is big problem.

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