Stagger mechanics for knocked down ragers

Did some tests in matches and the meatgrinder and found that some enemies when knocked down by a strong stagger will pop right back up if then hit with melee on the ground. Most notably this affects both ragers who have a ~4 second stand up animation if left alone. I was thinking that it might be a bug where they pop into the “stagger state” from whatever follow up hit you
dish out and that this “overwrites” the knocked down state. Or maybe it’s by design. From what I can tell ranged attacks e.g. kantrael shots do not interrupt the downed state. Otherwise there seems to be some form of stagger immunity if they enter into the standing up animation. An ogryn shovel uppercut (~50 stagger body to everything except carapace) will knock both ragers to the ground and if you follow them and immeadiatly uppercut again you can stunlock them. However, any followup uppercuts after they’re far enough into the stand up animation will just reset them to the “stand and shake a little” end phase of the stand up animation (you can hit them several times in a row this way without a knock down). Let them “shake it off” and you can knock them down again. Maybe it’s a way to balance stagger abuse, but right now I’m having a hard time to get a feeling for if my stagger attack (ogryn charge, gauntlet heavy, shovel special etcetera) is actually going to do what I want it to.

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