Staff bound smite staff alternative fire causes death at 85% peril & rare instant peril death

Issue Description:
The alternative fire for the staff bound smite staffs instantly does the “Perils of the warp”, as in when you grip your head and after a second or two it explodes downing you. But it does it if your current peril is at 85% or higher, and not 97%.

Sometimes it doesn’t even do the animation and the delay, it instantly explodes your head and downs you.
Tried it both in missions as well as in the Psykhanium and it still happens.

Steps to Reproduce:
If you use the staff bound smite charge fire when your peril is at 85% or higher, it goes to 100 and your head starts to explode, does not matter if the staff is fully charged or not, or spammed. Nothing happens if you use it at 84%, as it causes your peril to be at 99%.

I tested with the blast staff as well, and got the instant death once, but did not expect it, so no video of it was captured. Only happened once for the blast staff.
I don’t know how to reproduce the instant death yet, only happens a few times and I don’t know what triggers it.


Player ID:
Steam ID

Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
[11/21/2022, 00:34AM] [CET]
I noticed it about 24 hours before when I first got the first staff bound smite staff, but the recorded time is when I created the clip of it happening.

Reproduction Rate:
Causes death by Peril when your peril % is at or above 85% with the staff bound smite alternative fire: Constant (100%)
Instant death with the staff bound smite alternative fire (worked once with the blast staffs alt fire, but that one does not explode at 85%): Once - Rare (<10%)

Supporting Evidence:
link to video

Console Log:
Console log from recording:
console-2022-11-20-23.32.18-80e8b3cb-8c11-4cf5-84d7-8fb25426a431.log (76.4 KB)
One of the console logs below have the blast staff instant death (probably first one):
console-2022-11-20-23.14.23-4a664116-db10-4f30-ad23-50434ae0d474.log (95.7 KB)
console-2022-11-20-20.33.49-966423b4-e72e-4384-9248-93c523eaaf3b.log (797.3 KB)

darktide_launcher.log (373.5 KB)

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Have the same experience with the Sourge Staff