SSAO gets disabled with FXAA on!

Hello guys,
There was a problem in the beta that the Ambient Occlusion(SSAO) was disabled when FXAA was turned on. (SSAO is still set to Extreme, everything else is maxed out).
TAA is out of the question because it’s far too washed out and blurry, making it unplayable for me and many other players.
Anyway, this problem was fixed in the preorder-beta, but a new bug was added. With FXAA enabled, some kind of grid/filter became visible above the image.

Now that the game has been released, Ambient Occlusion is now disabled again with FXAA.

im asking if you could please fix the collaboration of SSAO and FXAA without adding the visable grid/filter to the game.
Thank you very much!

Release version with SSAO working combined with TAA

Release version with SSAO not working combined with FXAA

closed beta version with the grid/filter, after SSAO working again combined with FXAA (the screenshot is brightened out a bit to make the visibility of the grid clear)

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There is actually two passes of SSAO one for small scale and and one large scale. We disabled the larger one when TAA is off because of too much noise.

I have some code in progress where we have fixed most of these issues.

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