Sprinting is not an Ideal choice

As Stamina is shared with:

  1. Pushing
  2. Blocking
  3. Sprinting
  • Its regeneration stopped by dashing.

its better to not using running at all except while going for a slide, or just running around in a safe area.
As dodging enemy ranged/melee attacks or moving from cover to cover, its better to spam dashes than run.

Sprinting Disadvantages:

  • Running Stops Reloads

  • Cant Run if Enemy Close
    if you are going to engage the enemy , mostly you would not run, as melee combat includes dodging,pushing, and blocking, you would mostly need those 3 in an intense melee combat.

Suggestion: Increase Sprinting Speed by 10%
comparing sprinting value to stamina cost its quite non efficient, running for around 25 meters with a good mobility one handed melee weapon, stamina reaches 0% in no time. even while going with weapons that do have blessings of 5-7% sprint speed , you are still slow, even a poxwalker attack can reach you from behind.