Speedrunners bypassing an area in Auric Maelstorm to reach end in <15 mins

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Unsure how to repeat, but I have an observation from 2 games. I’ve just realized they’re on the same map. I don’t know whether this occurs on other maps.

In first situation, during an event in this map where you have to hold an area + scan, the speedrunner is able to skip the area leaving 3 members to fend for themselves. Team kicked him at the end for doing the jump across the platform and being afk.

In second situation, the speed runner ran and triggered enemies, leaving teammates to die in first open area (before we go up the staircase). By the time teammates have died, he’s about ready to pick us up in the final area (where you hold out at the train). I do not know if he was stopped by the airlock before the final area, but I know in 20s or less after our deaths he was reviving us at the final area. Teammates refused to kick him.

Unfortunately I have no screenshots, but you will be able to observe more than 1 mission objective on the screen at a time.

Steps to Reproduce (Required):

  1. Join games in Auric Maelstorm in Consignment Yard Mission

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Consignment Yard HL17-36

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Yes, but I haven’t tried disabling them

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Unusual (<25%)

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PC - Steam

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