Ventilation purge sniper gauntlet bug

Issue Description:

the game taking FOREVER to let you go at the end of consignment yard because a bunch of the snipers didn’t trigger. generally in the metal working room where you have the 3 cogitators to place, protect etc So you have to sit with your thumb up your ass waiting for the game to spawn some enemies to kill before you get that game ending PING when the dropship comes in
Steps to Reproduce:
Just run the ventilation purge sniper gauntlet. it will pop. almost guaranteed

Mission Name (If Applicable):

consignment yard is where I always see it. end of it at the trains
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Approx. Time of Issue & Timezone:
any frickin time you play the mission?

Reproduction Rate:
Once - Rare (<10%) - Unusual (<25%) - Common (<50%) - Often (<75%) - Constant (100%)
often. could actually be constant because I don’t think I’ve run that one yet where it DIDN’T happen. this is ridiculous

Upload Supporting Evidence:
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didn’t take any video or photos yet. run the bloody mission yourselves. this garbage is getting annoying. I’m counseling patience from everyone every time it happens… but this one is just stupid. I’ll try to remember to record it and send the video next time I play it

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We also had this happen yesterday on Consignment Yard. Could see ~4 Snipers multiple areas away in one of the earlier areas of the mission by popping Volley Fire. Mission eventually ended but took somewhere between 5-10 minutes past clearing the objective. Have had this problem on Consignment Yard a number of times before since Beta but it’s never taken near this long (no more than ~2 minutes).

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