Consignment Yard bugged

I think the something is going on with the consignment yard level. I was just doing it in, and at the end of the level, my team killed everything, but the ship wasn’t coming. Specials would continue to spawn intermittently, but that was it.

A member left and we decided to try to jump off to no avail because our characters would catch themselves, and amidst doing that, the ship finally came.

In the mission complete page it wouldn’t show anything and then said mission aborted or some sort of error ( I forget the exact wording.)

Happened to me too. I think if you shut off the skyfire, then press the call for backup button too quickly, it glitches out. We still had the call for backup obj at top right alongside the bar, when it changed to defend the train, no more hordes were spawning but same as you, specials were popping out every now and then.

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