Specials STILL spawn in your face and gas rats STILL throw globes immediately after spawning on Righteous stand

Title. Specials spawn in your face out of thin air in both the arena and the last stand part. Globadiers spawning this way immediately lock on to the nearest player and throw.


Working as intended

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I can confirm… specials still appear on you, for example gutters. More at the same time.

In the arena and last stand part? Wait, both of these locations seem to have fixed spawns…
Either they totally forgot about it or they need to change the potential spawn locations for them. I know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to Globadiers showing up there out of thin air. Thankfully, I’ve never died on the last part because it’s the most disappointing event in VT2 of all - but IIRC there’s always a gas globadier on wave 1 and 3 in the Temple.