Special Conditions should rotate more frequently

Special conditions such as Hunting Grounds, Power Supply Disruption and the Fog are special conditions. We haven’t seen the fog condition since the game launched and haven’t seen power supply disruption in weeks or months now. I understand that Special Conditions are a FOMO mechanic, but at least rotate them on a frequent daily/weekly basis so that players aren’t faced with the same boring conditions over and over.


I quite literally don’t understand how they’re so rare. I guess the answer is underprepared unfinished product but still I don’t get why they can’t throw them up from like Friday to Sunday or something

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I suspect it’s because rotating conditions has to be done manually and Fatshark being the genius they are didn’t think it through or commit to it.

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Also maybe fog and darkness aren’t great if your gun doesn’t have a flashlight? I agree with multiple people who jav already said every class should just have a flash light but then that would ruin their “attachment system.” There’s lots of choices in this game that I feel can’t even be attributed to malice as lots of people feel, but either plain incompetence or (hopefully) a rushed and poorly thought through process.

Half of the time conditons don’t even seem to show up on the map with missions.

Because something is messed up with Fog, they disable books + fog whenever its up. It is probably my favorite though, true beta tester privilege having grinded the few times it was up.

YEP is really hard doing it without flash, mostly flashlight dont figure with Psyker or zelot? Do ogryn even have weapon with flash?, so thats relly froce do use wierd weapon what i dont like. . Even in last patches i feel like in special misson with darkness or with fog heretic gunners have normal behavior and shooting like crazy.

This mission should be more meele behavior fighting rn even enemy should have few lights?

I think our heros should have small light on shoulders

Simple fix, give us throwing flares. Fits the setting really well and would be cool to show off the lighting effects.

Then add a button for when we find a large cache of plasteel and Diamantine.

Funny that a day after posting this FS has put in Power Supply Interruption again, coincidence?

Nah they auto cycle. This is still much better than 40 nights of dogs.