Spear and Shield voicelines

This has been triggering me since WoM, but S2 just came out and there is still no change, so I’m gonna just ask.

Is there a reason why Kerillian does not have a shield-specific voice lines when wielding her shield? Like Bardin or Kruber’s “Get behind me”, “My shield will hold” etc?

I guess it was just overlooked, forgotten or simply ignored. Since this is a matter of recording a few new voice lines during the next VO recording session, is there a chance that this will finally get added to the game?

Does the FS team even know about this?



Kerillian: “Get behind me!”
team actually does it
Kerillian: “Sturrensheedow”
team dies



Cute meme, but that’s beside the point.

Bardin and Krub probably have those since that thing also existed in V1, and on release of V2 the shield for Kerillian was probably not planned yet, so no lines recorded. When shield and spear was released nobody probably thought of adding such a line. It’d be nice to have one though, I’d like that as well.

On a related topic: I dearly miss Bardin’s “Time for a one man shield wall!” line. I’d really love that one back as well.


Never thought of that, truly some missing voicelines. I second you in your endeavour to get it in the game.


Something tells me that the dev team has never thought of that as well, with all that WoM stuff going on.
Hopefully somebody will see this and think about it.