Sound direction undistinguishable

Grasping at last straws here.
I got new Sennheiser gamer headphone because the mic on the old one died, updated the Realtek driver to the latest, tweaked sound settings in-game and in windows, but whatever I do, I cannot tell whenever a special is up where it spawned, where it’s coming from, not even when the ratling or the flamer is already shooting where it is.
I had a cheap gamer headphone before and I never experienced this. Even now I put back the old one and can immediately tell what’s coming from where.
If anyone has any idea what I’m missing, pls help.

Check the spacial sound settings, toggle it from whatever it is set to and try again.


It was enabled to Sonic while I was testing around.
I turned it off, didn’t help.
What helped was ,that I switched from the motherboard sound ports from the back of the PC to the front panel and changed it to AC97 in the Realtek Audio Manager.
Now I can distinguish where sounds are coming from, but the sound of elites and specials is coming from the opposite direction from which they approach/attack.
Interestingly enough, when I did some testing I realized, that my old headphones had the directions reversed. When the test indicated the left side, I heard the sound from the right. When it indicated the right, I heard it from the left. But this never seem to have impacted my gameplay, I was always spot on to localize enemies.
The new headphones sound from the correct side during testing.

I managed to solve the problem.

The old headphones only had a jack output, so I used an adapter to split mic and headphone channels.
That adapter is swapping the left sound channel with the right one.
So I used the new headphones adapter that combines the 2 channels (mic and headphones) into one jack, plugged it to the old headphone’s channel switching adapter and plugged that into the PC.
Now I hear everything correctly.

I don’t have a f*cking clue what’s going on…

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Thanks for sharing the info.

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